Licensing and Staging servers - Vital information

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Licensing and Staging servers - Vital information

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The MiContact Center license key provided for your MiCC Enterprise Server installation can be used twice. The second instance is intended to facilitate either hardware replacement, or a staging/sandbox server before an upgrade. This second installation should not be used for a second production server.

IMPORTANT: When using the second license key instance for a staging/sandbox server you must be aware that if a license version update is required (such as making a version 8.1 staging server, while your live server is still 7.1), the newer licensing model (major or dot release) is officially the licensed software version. Any software assurance quoting/purchases must be generated/applied using the newer software version. Once your licensing is updated, you can no longer make changes to the older server's licensing. You must not update the license on the old server, as this will bring down the new licensing structure and could result in service failure where the new and old licensing models differ.

Each MiContact Center unlock license key that is provided with the purchase of the MiContact Center is tied to a hardware signature. The MiContact Center licensing server allows for 2 unique hardware signatures that allows customers to use the same unlock key on 2 different servers: one for your production and one for your sandbox, for example.  Once you have verified the changes on the sandbox, you can:  convert the sandbox into the production server, or optionally update the production server to match the same licensing as the sandbox server.  If at a later time, the new production server experiences a failure or a new sandbox system is required, you will need to generate a new license (aka the 3rd instance) since the first 2 instances have already been used.  This “new” license option can only be exercised on an MiCC ARID once every 180 days. Any additional attempts within the 180 day window will require AMC assistance by contacting to review, approve and override the exception.



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