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License not converted when changing from 7.X (or older) to 8.1 (or newer) in AMC.

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When upgrading a site, you change the Software Version from 7.X (or older) directly to 8.1 (or newer).  After updating the record, it still shows 7.X licensing objects (listed as EE, BE , Basic, Standard, Advanced, Premium Agents or Employees).



1. Set the Software Version back to where it was originally (or  Click Update.
2. Set the Software Version to  Click Update.
NOTE:  The licensing should convert to the 8.X Licensing model now.
3. Set the Software Version to the correct version (8.1.X.X).  Click Update.

If this does not work, please log a ticket with the AMC support team at .


A code fix is being applied to the AMC on April 4th to ensure that the conversion occurs whether you change to, or any newer 8.X release. 


AMC, MiCC 8.1 

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