HotFix KB470763 - Case merging is not working if you merge while...

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HotFix KB470763 - Case merging is not working if you merge while the email draft is still in the inbox

Article ID: 52623 - Last Review: April 17, 2019


If you merge an email into a different case while the email is still in the inbox, then send the email response, you end up with two cases (one of them having no interactions). As a result, if the customer responds, their interaction is linked to the wrong case (the "empty" case). 


This Hotfix is to be installed onto MiContact Center Business version

  1. Ensure that KB447353 is installed.
  2. Ensure that KB466294 is installed.
  3. Go to
  4. Click the Login button.
  5. Click the Sign in button under MiAccess.
  6. On the left, select the Software Download Center.
  7. Expand the tree to MiContact Center Business and then down to MiContact Center Business and HotFixes.
  8. Download the MiCC HotFix KB470763.exe HotFix to the MiContact Center server.
  9. Double-click the MiCC HotFix KB470763.exe and follow the on-screen prompts.
  10. Wait for the repackager and auto-updates to complete.
NOTE: Installing this Hotfix will restart the MiContact Center services.  To avoid service interruption, install this patch after hours or during a scheduled maintenance window.




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