Agent Idle time resets to zero if the Agent makes an Outbound Call or receives a non-ACD call.

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In your realtime monitors, agent Idle times reset to zero after they handle a non-ACD or outbound call. 


The PBX determines who will receive the next call in a path based on the time since their last ACD call, so the Idle time effectively continues to count during non-ACD and outbound calls. 


This behavior can be adjusted using a configuration in our Global Application Settings Editor.

NOTE:  The MiVoice Business also resets your idle time based on Agent Skill group Presence, which means that your Idle time in different queues may actually be different.  The MiContact Center real-time does not reflect this particular detail.

1. Open the GlobalAppSettingsEditor.EXE found in [InstallDir]\CCM\Services\ConfigService\.
2. Insert a new entry with the following details:

  • ApplicationName: leave this field blank.
  • SectionGroup: This should be prairieFyre.BAL.DataAnalysis.Properties.Settings , note that it is case sensitive.
  • Name: This will be CalculateLastACDIdleFromLastACD , note that this is case sensitive.
  • Value: This should be 1 to enable the feature (0 if you wanted to disable it again).
  • Description: Add a note as to why you are adding the feature.  Note that you must have something in this field.
3. Click Save
4. It can take up to a minute for the changes to complete.  Wait for the notification that it is saved.
5. Restart the .NET Enterprise Server service.
6. Close and re-launch your Contact Center Client to see the changes.


CCM 6.0.2.X and newer

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Posted Tuesday, August 04, 2009 by darren