Telephone System Synchronization troubleshooting check list

When troubleshooting Telephone System Synchronization and validation issues please go through check-list below before escalating the issue:
  1. Telephone System Synchronization and validation will only work with a 3300 ICP. Verify that the PBX is indeed a 3300
  2. Confirm with customer/dealer that the 3300 has been fully programmed and a username and password has been configured under the 3300 ICP User Authorization Profile form
  3. Give this account full access as per screenshots below:

  4. Make sure the MiXML service is started from Start=>Control Panel=>MiXML and verify that port 18000 is entered on the Settings tab
  5. Verify that a user name and password is configured for each of the 3300 ICP media servers in YourSite=>Enterprise (on the Synchronization tab of each 3300 ICP media server)

  1. Ensure that no firewall is blocking ports:
  • SOAP: 18000 (HTTPS)
  • UDP: 53
  • TCP: 22
  • TCP: 443 (SSH)
  1. When you enter the username and password for the first time make sure it is saved
  2. Verify the correct PBX IP address is entered in CCMWeb / YSE. (Ex. if the IP is displaying as, remove the zeros)
  3. Confirm that correct Username is entered in Synchronization tab. If you cannot confirm the password you put in install SQL Server Management Studio Express and pull the enterprise.config table. The username and password is stored in that table
  4. Verify the PBX date/time is correct, and the current time falls between June 5, 2007 June 5, 2032
  5. Ensure the windows environment variable are set for the PATH.  It should include "c:\windows\system32"
  6. If you can login to the PBX with the account but the MiXML test tool fails to login, look to possibly change the MiXML Service identity from Local System to a Local Administrator account.

The MiXML Synch is logged to <InstallDir>: \Program Files (x86)\prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\Logs\prairieFyre.Services.DataSynchronizationService.txt

All MiXML reports can be found under <InstallDir>:\Program Files (x86)\prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\PersistedReports\SyncReports

Posted Tuesday, August 04, 2009 by darren