Reporting Troubleshooting Checklist

When troubleshooting reporting problems, please ensure that all of the following is completed before consulting second level or development for assistance:
NOTE:  If customer has a 3300 with a 5.3 or greater, please perform a Telephone System Synchronization to ensure configuration lines up with PBX programming.  Please consult the MiXML troubleshooting checklist for further assistance with this.
  • Ask customer what they expect to see and why they believe it to not be lining up
  • What report are they looking at?
  • What device are they reporting on?
  • What timeframe are they looking at – Date Range etc
  • Have they been collecting data for the time period? (check raw data files)
  • Determine if the problem is with our software or if it is a problem with us not getting the correct data from the PBX by doing the following.

1.      Once you have determined what device they are questioning you need to either run an inspector search or look at the raw data files to tell if we have the records or not.

2.      If there are no records in the SMDR or ACD data for the devices they are looking for then we are not receiving that information from the PBX. At this point you need to verify the PBX programming.

3.      If there are records in the SMDR or ACD data for the devices in question then you need to move on to troubleshooting our software.

PBX Related Troubleshooting:

  • Ensure all SMDR options are enabled on the switch as per our guides
  • Compare agent group members to agent group assignment form, ensure they are exact.
  • Ensure reporting/dialable numbers line up exactly with switch
  • Ensure we are getting valid acd/smdr records from the smdr inspector is showing P*** in the digits dialed column.

Prairiefyre Related:

  • Ensure all devices are associated correctly in yoursite> config…ie: Queues have correct agent groups. Agent Groups have correct agents…..all devices licensed.
  • Resummarize
  • Break reports down to smallest chunk possible. For Example: Break monthly reports down to a day. Then break that day down to an interval. 
  • Ensure we are not comparing ACD reports to SMDR reports.
  • Make extensive use of ACD/SMDR inspector, look at called party and calling party field to see what devices are handling calls
  • Search on dialable number of queue as well as reporting number
  • Make sure reporting numbers are unique and not in use by devices that might be conflicting
  • For real-time issues use the Auditor to see what happened and verify that the issues can be reproduced.
  • When it comes to employees verify if they have more than one agent ID and if they do investigate if these multiple agent ID’s are having an impact on the issues.
  • Ensure that they included all relevant days in the report when they ran it. Make sure the Checkboxes for the days of the week are checked.
  • Ensure that the Mitel_RD_Account is a part of the Administrators group.

One Example:

“My queue performance by month report contains no data.”

The first thing we need to do is find out if we are getting data for that Path.

Run an SMDR inspector search on all Paths and then look for the one in question. If it is not found in the SMDR records then we are not getting it from the PBX. At this point you need to verify the PBX programming and make sure that Path is setup correctly. The dealer will need to do this, possibly with our ASSISTANCE but we are NOT the main on this one.

If the SMDR search does return data then the issue is within our software. Find out when they are running the report for. If it is for multiple days then we need to narrow it down to one day. 

Before digging too deep into the configuration try summarizing for that day and see if you get data. If they have made changes then we may just be missing the data in SQL.

If they still have no data in the report after summarizing then you will need to go through the Yoursite Configuration and verify that the programming matches the PBX. (Reporting number, Agent group, Agents etc.)

Posted Tuesday, August 04, 2009 by darren