KB38788: The SalesForce connector does not support hot desking agents

Article ID: 51043 - Last Review: November 24, 2010


The current SalesForce connector does not support hot desking agents, it only supports traditional agents. This hotfix will allow support for Hot Desking Agents.


Hot Desking agents were never originally supported.




The following additions have also been included in this hotfix along with hot desking agent support:

  • A call log cannot be associated to a popped entity during a warm transfer, because internal calls are not logged. Adding logging capabilities for internal calls should fix that problem and offer a new kind of reporting capability for all SFDC customers.
  • Customer needs to be able to create a "new lead" record at any time during a call to track their campaigns. This new lead needs to have its standard phone field filled with the Caller ID (inbound) or Dialed number (outbound) coming from our connector. It also needs to have one of its custom fields (created by the customer) to be filled with the DNIS coming from our connector during inbound calls. The solution is to present a "New Lead" button in the softphone, and when that "New Lead" button is clicked, it would pop a configurable "new lead" SFDC URL (it would have to be configurable because of the presence of the custom field created by the customer to store the DNIS information).
  • Finally, the way we get YourSite updates in the connector has been upgraded. We currently rely on the 5.5 framework (still in 5.7 to maintain backward compatibility), which is inefficient and slows down the network and the client's response. This is especially important for this customer who has large datasets.


This hotfix, along with all other CCM version 5.7 sp1 hotfixes created before January 2010, have been rolled up into one single hotfix.
The 5.7 sp1 Rollup of Hotfixes is available at the following link: KB41351

The original hotfix for this specific issue is no longer available and you must install the rollup.

NOTE: The original hotfix KB38788 replaced KB36432.


CCM version 5.7 SP1

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Posted Wednesday, November 24, 2010 by ademski