ACD record Real-time Format Specification, with Function Codes

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Real Time Event Format Specification
The basic format for call events is shown in the following illustration. Note that all ASCII
characters are enclosed in single quotes.

Call Event Format

Idle Event Format

Group and Path Statistics Event Format

Refresh Reports Event Format

ASCII start of text. Hex value 2.  NOTE: This is a special character sent by the PBX to denote the start of the record.  It is not saved in the raw data files.

This is a two character field that contains the record number. This field goes from ’00’ to ’99’.
After the ’99’ th record, the numbers cycle back to ’00’.

The following function codes are used for event records:

A agent login
B agent logout
C set DND
D remove DND
E set make busy
F remove make busy
G answer ACD call
H answer personal call
I originate CALL
J agent idle
K group report
L work timer start
M work timer expire
N call hold
O hold retrieve
P hold abandon
Q path report
R refresh reports
S answered remote ACD call
T Agent ringing
U Agent end ringing

For a complete list of ACD and MiTAI function codes please see the attached Function_Code_Definitions.pdf file.

This six character field displays the time in 24-hour format.

The directory number is a seven character field.

This seven character field displays the agent ID. Blanks in this field means an agent is not logged

This field is the button number of the line appearance that initiated the event. Events that are line
appearance independent, have a button number of zero. The following events always have a
button number of zero:

Note: If ACD Make Busy Reason Codes are used, the reason code is placed in the Button Number field.

  •  agent log on
  •  agent log off
  •  work timer start
  •  work timer end
  •  set make busy
  •  remove make busy
  •  set DND
  •  remove DND event.
The call events that have button numbers are:
  • answer ACD call
  • answer personal call
  • originate call
  • agent idle
  • call hold
  • call hold retrieve
  • call hold abandon

End of text. Hex value 3.  NOTE: This is a special character sent by the PBX to denote the end of a record.  It is not saved in the raw data files.

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