KB41129: IVQ real time monitor becomes stale over time

Article ID: 51050 - Last Review: April 4, 2013


An Interactive Visual Queue real time monitor becomes stale over time.


The IVQ Monitor randomly becomes stale, not reflecting the right information compared to the Queue Now monitor.  When opening a new monitor, the stats reset to the right information in the new and the old one.


There are a couple of problems leading to this behaviour:

  1. Code that is iterating over a collection of call objects is attempting to access a call that has been deleted from the collection, causing an exception.
  2. The row deletion code failed to finalize the deletion, leaving the collection in a partially usable state.

These two issues, taken together, result in exception stack traces in the customer's log files, and result in incorrect information (calls in queue, position in queue) being displayed in the IVQ real time monitor.


Open a new IVQ real time monitor.  The full set of call records is resent when a new instance is opened, temporarily correcting the problem.


This hotfix has been included in all subsequent software versions.  For our latest software and updates, please go to www.mitel.com .

If you have a business need for this hotfix and are unable to update to a supported software version, please contact Customer Support for assistance.


CCM version 5.7 SP1

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Posted Monday, November 29, 2010 by ademski