How to use the 5.8 Telephone System Synchronization default queue business hour schedule

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Before performing a Telephone System Synchronization in 5.8, you can now select a default queue business hour schedule which will automatically be applied to all new queues created during the synchronization.  This article describes how the default queue business hour schedule works.


In YourSite Explorer (YSE), under the Media servers=>Telephone system tab, there is a new option called Default queue business hour schedule.

All valid values for this option will be defined in the Schedules section in YSE under YourSite=>Enterprise=>Schedules.

After choosing your Default queue business hour schedule, click the 'Run' button to perform a sync. The sync will automatically assign new queues created with the chosen queue schedule.

NOTE: If no schedule is selected before performing a Telephone System Synchronization, it will use the predefined system schedule called 'Default 24/7'.


CCM version 5.8 GA

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Posted Wednesday, February 02, 2011 by ademski