Double Pegging requeues, reporting them as interflows as well

Article ID: 51464 - Last Review: , April 10th, 2012


Queue reports will double peg some requeues as both a requeue and an interflow at the same time.


In raw SMDR data you will see a R record for the requeue as well as an I record for an interflow. 


If an agent is logged out due to not answering the ACD call withing the timeframe programmed in their COS, SMDR records are created for the requeue as well as an interflow against the IP trunks.  This causes a reporting discrepancy within the prairieFyre software. 


There are two options to correct this issue, both are PBX related:

1. apply Call Control Relink CC_40.2.2.7_SP8 

2. upgrade to or later


5.x, 6.0 

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Posted Tuesday, April 10, 2012 by amontpetit