Agents show as Idle instead of Make Busy after midnight in Make Busy Reports when they fail to log out the previous night

Article ID: 51498 - Last Review: April 25th, 2012


When an agent doesn't log out the previous night, they show as Idle after midnight in Make Busy reports instead of the correct Make Busy. 


Agent state changes from Make Busy to Idle after midnight.

No ACD remove Make Busy event present for agent in raw data. 


Data Summary is set to 24/7 when the contact center operates with limited business hours.


1. Open YourSite Explorer
2. Go to Media Servers and select the media server the agent resides on
3. Click the Data Summary options tab
4. Remove the check mark beside This enterprise operates 24 hours a day
5. Save changes
6. Open Contact Center Client
7. Go to Management => Maintenance and click Summarize
8. Select a start date and end date encompassing the period you need to report on
9. Follow the instructions for the Summarize Wizard

Make Busy reports should now show agents remaining in Make Busy after midnight, when left logged in.


CCM 5.8 

Keywords: MKB Make Busy Idle report midnight 24/7

Posted Wednesday, April 25, 2012 by amontpetit