ALM0096 - Historical Agent Activity Alarm

Article ID: 51551 - Last Review: May 14th, 2012


ACD and SMDR data is displaying for an agent that is configured as “Historical” in YourSite Explorer.

This error displays when an agent who is configured as “Historical” is actively handling calls. Reusing old agent IDs or accidentally marking active agents as “Historical” can cause this issue. While it’s easy to recognize the problem in YourSite Explorer when it arises, knowing to look for that specific setting isn’t always so obvious. Look for agents who are marked “Historical” but still showing up in ACD and SMDR records





Report data related to historical agents will be inaccurate. 


1. Identify the agent that is incorrectly set as "Historical".
2. Open YourSite Explorer and click on Agents.
3. Select the agent in question.
4. Ensure the agent does not have a check mark beside Disable real-time monitoring and data collection on this device.
4. Click the Save button at the top left.


CCM 6.0 SP1 

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Posted Monday, May 14, 2012 by amontpetit