ALM0099 - Work timer mismatch between this COS and its associated Queues and Agents

Article ID: 51608 - Last Review: January 15, 2019


This alarm is triggered when the COS's work timer associated with a given Agent is less than a Queue's work timer associated with that same agent. 

The maximum work timer value is:

  • MCD 4.x – 10 minutes
  • MCD 5.0 – 4 hours





The work timer for an agent will only last as long as the work timer on the COS associated with the Agent, not the lesser of the two values. 


To clear this alarm, you must either raise the work timer associated with the COS in question to equal to or greater than that of the longest Queue worktimer that shared a connection or  lower the work timers of all Queues to less than or equal to that of the Queue that shares a connection.

NOTE: You must open YourSite Explorer, perform a telephone system settings synchronization, and click Tools => Validate to clear the alarm or wait for nightly maintenance to clear the alarm.



CCM 6.0 SP1 

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Posted Monday, July 16, 2012 by amontpetit