REP0010 - Report Distribution - Print Locally

Article ID: 51633 - Last Review: August 13, 2013


The user associated to this report is configured to use a local desktop printer.  The Reporting Service will ignore the print job. The Contact Center Client running on the client machine will print the report. 

To print this report to a printer connected to the user's local desktop, ensure there is valid default printer on the client machine and ensure the CCC is running on the client's desktop. 




You will be unable to print to a local printer. 


If the print state is set to failed check the log files for CCC.

Also ensure excel is properly installed on the client machine (Start: Run: type Excel and ensure no dialogs appear)

If you see the print state change but nothing in the CCC regarding the print job, there could be more than one CCC running for this user.   The easiest way to test this is to create a new user for account (then you know no one else is running as this ccm user).


6.0 FP3

REP0010 report distribution print printer local locally

Posted Tuesday, September 04, 2012 by amontpetit