VWM0022 - CallReceivedEvent Queue is filling up

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When the CallReceivedEvent queue starts backing up, this is an indication that the workflow is taking a long time to be created.  This is a result of the XOML file being too large, normally associated with too many branches within a single call flow.  As a consequence, the time to answer will start to increase since the CallReceived events are not processed fast enough. 




The time to answer will increase, and if this issue goes unchecked ports may start Ringing without answering. 


1. On the IVR server, browse to the logs directory. By default, this is C:\Program Files(x86)\prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\Logs
2. Find the log file named 'IVRInboundService_Workflow.log' and open it in a text editor such as notepad
3. Search from the bottom of the log going up, for an entry stating "Workflow creation time took"
4. If the line states that it is taking longer than 1000ms to create the workflow, it typically means there are too many branches within the IVR call flow which is slowing down processing of a call.
5. At this stage, it is recommended to break the call flow down into subroutines which will reduce the number of branches within an individual call flow, and also make use of rules, make use of DNIS ranges instead of a branch for each DNIS value and similar programming techniques.

NOTE: The attached excel sheet shows the maximum call flow paths for a given port count.


IVR / VWM 6.0 SP1

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Posted Friday, September 14, 2012 by amontpetit