IVR Callbacks - Since implementing callbacks abandoned call counts are increased

Article ID: 51699 - Last Review: November 7th, 2012


After implementing callbacks you notice an increase in abandoned calls. 



This can be caused by a default setting in the Default Callback Plan.  In order to minimize the impact to service levels, by default the IVROutbound service only waits in queue with a callback for 2 minutes.  If no agent becomes available during that time it disconnects and will try to connect the callback at a later time.  Internally it will increment the "attempt to agent" count.  If your short abandon threshold is under 2 minutes, this will be pegged as an abandon.

This also results in the callback not "holding the caller's position in queue".


To resolve this, simply increase the Agent Timeout setting in your callback plan.

1. Open YourSite Explorer.
2. Go to Visual Workflow Management on the left. 
3. Click the Callback Plans on the left.
4. Click the Agent Options tab.
5. Increase the No answer timeout (secs) option under the General section to the length of time you would like a callback to wait in queue before being pulled back to the pending callbacks list.
6. Click the Save button at the top left.


IVR 6.0  

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Posted Wednesday, November 07, 2012 by amontpetit