CFG0040 – Skipped delete for the Trusted Application Endpoint during the audit because deletion of Front End Server services is disabled

Article ID: 51714 - Last Review: November 15, 2012


The prairieFyre Provisioner service did not delete the Trusted Application Endpoint (queue) during the audit. This is because, in the Provisioner service, deleting devices from the Front End Server during audits is disabled.




prairieFyre Provisioner will not remove old queues if its ability to delete devices during audits is disabled. Because Trusted Application Endpoints (queues) have to be deleted and re-added in order to change their SIP Addresses, this issue will also prevent you from changing a Trusted Application Endpoints’ SIP Address. 


Delete the Trusted Application Endpoint manually using PowerShell on the Front End Server. Alternatively, you can change the setting in the Provisioner configuration file to allow devices to be deleted during audits.


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Posted Thursday, November 15, 2012 by amontpetit