IVR Routing - Rejected callbacks requeued

Article ID: 51719 - Last Review: November 20, 2012


Callbacks that have been rejected by an agent have been requeued and are being delivered again to agents. 


The callbacks in question have been rejected by an agent.  Since that time the site has restored it's configuration from a backup. 


The table that controls what is being done with a callback is stored in SQL along with the rest of the configuration.  By restoring a previous backup, any callbacks in the system at that time revert their state as well.  This would only occur once per callback unless the configuration is restored repeatedly. 

In the BackupRestore log file found in [install path]\CCM\Logs\ you will see the service run recently at the bottom of the log, if this is the case.


This is correct behavior when restoring from a backup.  The best course of action is to simply reject the callbacks a second time, and to be aware that this may occur when restoring your configuration.


IVR 6.0  

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Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2012 by amontpetit