DSS0006 - Telephone System Synchronization failed due to Commit error

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The telephone system synchronization failed and the area of its failure was Commit. 




The telephone system synchronization did not complete. 


Checking the telephone system synchronization logs may indicate what caused the error. Telephone System Synchronization logs can be found in [InstallDir]\CCM\Logs\ look for the prairieFyre.Services.DataSynchronizationService.TXT file.

1. Check the prairieFyre.Services.DataSynchronizationService.TXT  log file for details.

2. The main source of Commit errors involves the prairieFyre SQL database. If the synchronization logs refer to SQL errors or table conflicts, confirm that your credentials have the correct permissions in SQL and that there are no ForeignKeyConstraint errors. If there is a ForeignKeyConstraint error that mentions "tblConfig_Employee_tblConfig_ContactGroupMembers_fk_constraint" use the Tools > Reset clients utility in YourSite Explorer to refresh the configuration. (Note that this should be done during off-peak hours, because it will send the configuration to all clients in the site, which can consume a large amount of bandwidth.)

For other ForeignKeyConstraint errors, consult the following article: www.prairiefyre.com/kb/KnowledgebaseArticle50364.aspx

3. Commit errors are sometimes caused by media server configurations that cannot synchronize with YourSite Explorer.  The error will indicate the configuration field that is causing the error. Once you have identified this field, type the media server’s IP address in a web browser and check the media server's configuration. 


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