Design Change Request - Increase the supervised transfer timeout from current 60 seconds to a max of 170 seconds

Article ID: 51755 - Last Review: December 7, 2012


A customer has requested the ability to increase the supervised transfer timeout from the default 60 seconds to 170. 


It is possible to edit these values in the .XOML files for the call flows, as the 60 second limit is imposed by the User Interface and not the back end.  However, this solution only works well once the call flow is finalized, as any changes saved to the call flow after will revert the timeout to the default 60 seconds again.


This issue is being pegged for release

Internal reference number (TFS) 95590



Keywords: 95590 supervised transfer timeout extend max maximum DCR design change request

Posted Friday, December 07, 2012 by amontpetit