UI issues when using Windows Display Option to increase Display size to 125% or more

Article ID: 51772 - Last Review: July 15, 2016


In Windows, setting the Display to 125% or greater magnification causes elements in the MiContact Center software user interface to overlap, making it difficult to properly navigate. 

In MiCC Version 6.X and 7.X this would manifest as overlapping fields, sometimes blocking your ability to click.

In MiCC Version 8.X and newer the login screens for applications would have fields such as Username and Password pushed off the edge of the screen (not interactable at all).  At 150% it may appear as if it is simply a splash screen that does not progress.

On newer tablets and laptops this display setting is sometimes set at 125% or higher by default.


We recommend using the on-screen magnifying glass instead of a full-display zoom, as this does not cause layout issues in our user interface. 

NOTE: A reboot may be required after adjusting the windows display settins.


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Posted Tuesday, December 18, 2012 by amontpetit