ALM0116 - Outbound Dialer failed to execute Outbound Callflow

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The Outbound Dialer will fail to execute an Outbound call flow for the following reasons:
1.   The Outbound ports are Out of Service.
2.   All Outbound ports are in use.
3.   Outbound call flow is disabled. 




VWM Outbound dialer is either not making any calls, or partially making calls.


Ports Out of Service: 

1. Ensure that the ports are programmed correctly on the switch.
2. In YourSite Eplorer, under Extensions, ensure the Extension Type of the port is must be set to Outbound Port 5020IP
3. Ensure that there are ports associated to an Outbound call flow.

All Outbound Ports are in use:
1. If all running ports are in a call, this is an indication that you need to add more Outbound ports to process all the remaining requests.

Outbound call flow is disabled:
1. Check your Outbound call flow and make sure that Always Run is checked on the property page of the call flow.


6.0.1 and up

NOTE: This event code will no longer be used in version 7.0

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Posted Friday, February 22, 2013 by amontpetit