6.0.2 - Agents showing incorrect presence for some groups

Article ID: 51921 - Last Review: May 1, 2013


An agent who belongs to multiple agent groups is showing incorrect presence for one or more of those groups. 

There is a limit to the number of agent groups an individual agent can belong to on the PBX, after which you will see this behavior.  The exact limit is dependant upon the version of software on your PBX, but has been seen as low as 16 on MCD 4.0 and newer.


MCD 6.0 SP1 has added a fix for this behavior, which increases the number of groups an agent can belong to to 64. 

prairieFyre will have tested support for MCD 6.0 SP1 in our version release.

Internal Reference Number (TFS) 105367


MCD 6.0 and earlier 

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Posted Thursday, May 02, 2013 by amontpetit