How to migrate your database to a new server

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When upgrading from a 6.0.X.X environment to 7.0.X.X you may wish to move to a new server as well.  When doing this there are two ways of carrying your configuration over:

  • The preferred method is to install the new SQL server and use the configuration wizard to generate a blank database.  Then, using a configuration backup and resummarizing data you can rebuild the environment.  This allows for a clean database with only the reporting data required.
  • Migrating your existing SQL database.  If you have reporting data for a long period already committed to the database, have had staffing changes since that data was summarized, and need to continue to report on that old data, then migrating the SQL database as a may be required.


1. Ensure that you retain a configuration backup and the \DataDirectory\ folder from the old server, as a redundant backup.
2. Backup the SQL database (CCMData and CCMStatisticalData).
3. Set up the new server hardware and pre-requisite components.
4. Restore the backed up databases to the new server.
5. Run the Installation as normal.  The installation process will detect the existing database and update the SQL Schema automatically.


7.0 and newer

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