IVR not registering first event or variable sent by NuPoint

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IVR is trying to evaluate a condition that arrives on the first or second NuPoint event, but is instead using the call details from the other. 


NuPoint will frequently send multiple Call Detail segments, some incomplete to initiate the call and others with full details.  By default the prairieFyre software waits for the last event, as it is usually the most complete, but in some cases the desired information comes in a specific event. 


You can specify which event record to pass to IVR for condition evaluation.

1. Go to the [InstallDir]\CCM\Services\IVRInbound\ folder. 
2. Open the IVRInbound.exe.config file.
3. Find the <setting name="PortsUsingNuPoint" serializeAs="String"> setting.
4. Below it, between the <value> and </value> tags enter all the IVR Ports that might receive information from a NuPoint port seperated by pipes.
    example: <value>1001|1002|1003</value>
5. Next you will need to add a new setting just after the </setting> for the above.

<setting name="EventNumberToHandler" serializeAs="String">

6. The value is the event you wish to use for IVR condition matching (1 for the first, or 2 for the second).
7. Save the file.
8. Restart the IVRInbound service.


IVR 6.0 

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Posted Tuesday, June 25, 2013 by amontpetit