HotFix KB108528 - 5.10.2 Routing and Agent Presence corrections

Article ID: 51940 - Last Review: January 6, 2014


This HotFix is intended to address the following issues:

  • TFS 108319 - 2 agents offered the same call and both join the call and can hear each other
  • TFS 108524 - Agent on an outbound call is still being offered ACD calls
  • TFS 108532 - Router log flooded with error 400
  • TFS 108536 - Agent presence inaccurate, causing agent to continuously requeue a call
  • TFS 108563 - Agent unable to answer ACD
  • TFS 108567 - Agent in worktimer but in the Idle column in CCC
  • TFS 108567 - ACD calls that get requeued before being answered cannot then be transferred to non-Lync numbers; also will not peg to realtime and reports
  • TFS 110589 - Not all router files get updated when going straight from GA to SP2
  • TFS 111713 - Agent offered 2 ACD calls at the same time
  • TFS 111726 - Calls in queue not offering to available agents
  • TFS 111733 - Picked up ACD call and disappeared as the conference was being built
  • TFS 112428 - Agent declining an ACD transferred call while they are already on another ACD call will result in their current call dropping
  • TFS 112489 - Agent merging an ACD call to another user will result in a new ACD call disconnecting once the initial ACD call is terminated


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Posted Thursday, July 18, 2013 by amontpetit