7.0 Ignite - Toolbars on multiple monitors

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Windows 8 introduces the ability to have a taskbar on multiple monitors.  Ignite does not currently support this feature.


On the main monitor Ignite will behave in a normal fashion.  If you move Ignite to a secondary monitor and then maximize, it will resize to the display and overlap with the task bar. In some cases this will result in the taskbar covering a portion of Ignite (including the buttons along the bottom).



You can work around this issue in a few ways:

  • Keep Ignite on the main monitor.
  • Do not maximize Ignite on secondary monitors.
  • Do not use the feature that enables a taskbar on the secondary monitor.

To disable the multi-monitor taskbar, simply right-click the taskbar and click Properties.  Then go to the Taskbar tab, and uncheck Show taskbar on all displays.


Ignite 7.0 

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Posted Monday, August 19, 2013 by amontpetit