HowTo - Find the call details of an Requeued call

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A queue has requeued a call, and you need to find the specific details for that call. 


We do not store requeue data as Trace data.  We have a 15 minute counter, but this represents only a count, and not the trace details.

First we need to identify the rough interval that the requeue occurred.  You can do this by running a Queue Performance by Period report.  In here you can see what intervals had requeues.

Next, run a LifeCycle report against that queue on that day.  You can either skip down to the correct interval and look for the requeue, or under the filter tab you can set the LifeCycle report to show only calls with requeue events.

This should show you the original call details, and which agent requeued the call.


CCM, all Versions 

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Posted Tuesday, August 27, 2013 by amontpetit