Ignite MCC - An agent who is logged out appears to be logged in and is being routed emails

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This can occur in the following situation:

1. An agent is logged into Ignite and MCC
2. That agent is routed an email, which he accepts and starts handling
3. For some reason the .NET Enterprise Server service stops, or restarts
4. During the reconnect period, while the agent's Ignite is still showing a gray connection lost screen, the agent shuts down Ignite.
5. When the .NET Enterprise Server service comes back up.  Lacking any logout events, the server believes the agent to be still logged in.


As long as the agent does not log in again (gone for several days, for instance), the Enterprise Server will continue to try and route emails to them.


If this is not a 24 hour site, the agent will be automatically logged out at midnight, and any emails ringing on them will be requeued as normal.

If the site is running 24 hours a day, or a supervisor notices an agent showing logged in who shouldn't be, you can log the agent out from an Agent State by Time (or Position) monitor in the Contact Center Client.


7.0 I6 (Beta) 

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Posted Thursday, September 26, 2013 by andrew_montpetit