Email Us form - necessary Exchange configuration

Article ID: 52062 - Last Review: November 16, 2013


When setting up the Contact Us page in CCM version 7.0, the Email Us form does not properly send the email messages. 


If using Exchange as your SMTP server, some security configuration is required. 


1. In YourSite Explorer, go to Mail Servers.
2. Select your SMTP server.
3. Go to the Outgoing tab, and uncheck SMTP Authentication Required
4. In Exchange, go to Hub Transport.
5. Create a new Receive Connector.
6. Choose to receive email from the Enterprise Server's IP address.
7. In the Authentication tab, select External Secured.
8, In Permission Groups select Exchange servers.


CCM 7.0 

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Posted Saturday, November 16, 2013 by andrew_montpetit