Virtualization - CCM Server throwing alarms about high processor usage, and Media Server Offline periodically during the day

Article ID: 52079 - Last Review: December 16, 2013


When running your CCM server in VMware you are receiving frequent alarms regarding high CPU usage, and Media Server Offline status. 


These alarms happen at roughly the same time, and on a set cycle (every 75 minutes, for example).


Your server is using VMware or Hyper-V time-sync and it is drifting away from the other network devices.


To disable time sync in VMWare :

To disable time sync in Hyper-V : View the properties of the virtual machine, navigate to the Integration Services section, and un-check the Time Synchronization box



CCM 5.X and 6.X 

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Posted Monday, December 16, 2013 by andrew_montpetit