7.0 - Configuration options for the MCC Routing database purge functionality

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CCM Routing DB is automatically created by Routing Media Service (MCC) to store all the recent events and state changes. It can grow very fast and an automatic purge functionality of old/stale records has been implemented to control its size (in SQL Server 2008 R2 Express, and SQL Server 2012 Express the maximum database size is 10 GB).

CCM Routing DB contains two tables:

  • RouterStateRecords is used by the ACD Router to persist its internal state: in case of a service restart, the ACD Router is able to correctly restore its state.
  • EventTrackingRecords is used for diagnostic purpose only to track all the events related to Inbound, Inqueue, Outbound MCC items.

In the config file RoutingMediaService.exe.config found in [InstallDir]\CCM\Services\RoutingMediaService\ the following settings control the size of CCM Routing DB (default values in parentheses):

  • ConversationTrackingPersistance (true): If set to false, no record will be added into the EventTrackingRecords table.
  • ConversationStatePurgeAfterNDays (30 days): Records in table RouterStateRecords that are older than this value will be deleted.
  • CCMRoutingDbAuditEveryXMinutes (1 minute): An auditing process of CCM Routing DB will be executed once during this period. This process verifies that the DB exists and that its used space is within the defined limits.
  • CCMRoutingDbUsedPercentageStopTracking (90 percent): When the DB used space exceeds this value, no more records will be added to the EventTrackingRecords table. In addition the alarm ALM0123 will be triggered.
  • CCMRoutingDbUsedPercentageRunEmergencyPurge (80 percent): When the DB used space exceeds this value, older records from table EventTrackingRecords will be deleted first. If this purging does not reduce the DB size sufficiently, then older records from table RouterStateRecords will be deleted.
  • ConversationTrackingEmergencyPurgeKeepHours (8 hours): Records in EventTrackingRecords table that are newer than this value will never be deleted by the automatic purging.




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Posted Wednesday, January 15, 2014 by andrew_montpetit