HotFix KB174975 - IVR not properly handling NuPoint configuration/Sequence of MiTAI Events, causing an infinite loop

Article ID: 52126 - Last Review: April 3, 2014


IVR was not properly handling a sequence of MiTAI Events sent by NuPoint. 


The IVR workflow would enter in infinite loop.

If left for too long the IVR Inbound service would encounter an OutOfMemory Exception.  After this, callers would get a Ring no Answer response from the IVR port. 


This Hotfix is to be installed onto version

1. Download the attached KB174975.EXE file to the enterprise server.
2. Double-click the KB174975.EXE file and follow the on-screen prompts.

NOTE: Installing this hotfix will stop and restart the prairieFyre services.  In order to avoid service interruption we recommend applying the patch after hours or during a scheduled maintenance window. 


Keywords: IVR NuPoint MiTAI ring no answer RNA OutOfMemory Exception 174975 KB174975

Posted Friday, April 04, 2014 by andrew_montpetit