MiContact Center Version initial download contained Remote IVR error

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MiCC Version 7.1 was prematurely released on September 8th.  If you downloaded the installer for 7.1 on or before September 8th you must delete your existing copy and download the installer again. There was a missing configuration file associated with the remote IVR,  which will impact both new installs and upgrades.

If you have downloaded the 7.1 Installer at 12:01am, September 9th or later then you will already have the corrected file no further actions are needed.



You will see the following symptoms

1. The RoutingOutbound Service on a Remote IVR node will not start properly (always fails or stops immediately)
2. The Event Viewer will show an unhandled exception

To Resolve the issue on a live server

1. Go to your MiCC server and go to [InstallDir]\CCM\Services\RoutingOutbound\
2. Copy the RoutingOutboundService.exe.config file
3. Go to the Remote IVR server (where the service is failing) and browse to [InstallDir]\CCM\Services\RoutingOutbound\
4. Copy the RoutingOutboundService.exe.config file (which you collected from the MiCC server) into this location and replace the existing file if prompted.
5. Restart the RoutingOutbound service on the Remote IVR Node

Additional Information

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Posted Tuesday, September 23, 2014 by AndrewM