ALM0134 - Conversations cannot be indexed

Article ID: 52205 - Last Review: October 1, 2014


The windows search service is unable to index some conversations. The alarm should identify some of the conversations that are affected however because of limitations to the alarming system, there could be other conversations in this state that aren't listed.  




These messages will not be routed. 


1. Search the storage data directory and identify items that have a blank Categories property.
2. Open the .msg file and see what type of attachment is associated to the file.
3. Once they have identified that, they will have to:
     a. Go to the Indexing Options > Indexing Options -> Advanced Options -> File Types -> File Extension and change the option to not index file content
     b. Install the appropriate program so that windows indexing can index it properly. After doing they should rebuild the indexes to make sure the affected files get picked up.

Either of these steps will cause windows to completely reindex which can be a time consuming process. Ideally this should be done after hours. Once this is done, the conversations should send out correctly.





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Posted Wednesday, October 01, 2014 by AndrewM