ALM0135 - Conversations are missing Tag information

Article ID: 52206 - Last Review: October 1, 2014


There are conversations in the storage folder that are missing tags and we can't automatically recover tags based on the email itself. This means that the there are no emails in the To/From fields that match queues or SMTP servers in the system currently.

The alarm should identify some of the conversations that are affected however because of limitations to the alarming system, there could be other conversations in this state that aren't listed.  




These emails will not be routed. 


In order to identify conversations in this state, the user will have to search for all .msg files in the storage folder and find conversations that have a blank category and blank SMTP server associated to them.

If messages are found in this state and they should be processed through the system, please call support to investigate. The use of an internal tool, the windows file tagger may be necessary to correct the issue.



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Posted Wednesday, October 01, 2014 by AndrewM