Remote IVR - Changes to IVR configuration not synchronizing to remote IVR without service restart

Article ID: 52233 - Last Review: April 13, 2015


You make a change to an IVR workflow, prompt, or subroutine but that change is not being synchronized to the remote IVR server. 


A restart of the Routing Inbound service offers a temporary fix.

Most commonly this is seen when the remote IVR server is on a different subnet than the MiCC server, or there is a security enabled network appliance between them. 


The IVR synchonization process is sensitive to delays and packet manipulation.  In environments where you are changing subnets or security enabled network appliances are manipulating header information, the IVR system can encounter errors.  


1. On the remote IVR server go to [Install Directory]\CCM\Services\RoutingInboundService\.

2. Open the RoutingInboundService.exe.config file in Notepad.

3. Find the following entry:
      <setting name="LogEvenHeadersLast" serializeAs="String">

4. Directly under this, add the following:
      <setting name="WCFBindingDefaultReceiveTimeout" serializeAs="String">

5. Save the file.

6. Restart the Routing Inbound Service service.



Remote IVR 7.X and newer 

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Posted Monday, January 12, 2015 by AndrewM