IVR Routing (DNIS, Branch) report returns limited or no data - Branch names truncated

Article ID: 52258 - Last Review: April 9, 2015


When running IVR Routing reports, it may appear that the Branch System names are truncated.  As a result, the reports may not populate data correctly for those truncated branches. The reporting impact can be but not limited to;

DNIS Group Performance by DNIS / Period: Offered to IVR / Terminated in IVR counts are inaccurate.
Branch by Condition: Calls do not appear in the reports


There is a limit of 25 characters for these names.  Any names over 25 characters will be truncated by the report.


This issue is resolved in MiCC Version by increasing the maximum characters to 100.

In versions prior to, we advise that you reduce any branch names to 25 characters or less in order work around this limitation.  Note that this will not correct historical data, only newly collected data moving forward.


IVR 6.X, 7.X 

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Posted Thursday, April 09, 2015 by AndrewM