.Net Enterprise or Collector services are Unstable after CCM Server Restart (CCM 6.x)

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The CCM server has recently restarted (for example, due to a power outage). Since then, your have been seeing one or both of the following symptoms:

- Contact Center Client real-time monitors are greyed out, and at the bottom of the screen, you see "Connecting on port 5024". This problem may be intermittent.
- Media Server Offline Alarms


This problem is frequently seen because the prairieFyre Server Monitoring Agent (SMA) is sending a forced restart command to the .Net Enterprise services before they can finish loading.

This problem can happen repeatedly, with the SMA issuing force restart commands the .Net Enterprise service before it can load on each startup, in which case you will usually see the first symptom described above (Contact Center Client greying out, then maybe coming back, then greying out again).

The problem can also happen once, resulting in the Collector coming up before the .Net Enteprise service does, resulting in the Collector working improperly (in which case, you will get the Media Server Offline Alarms).

This problem is most common on Windows 2003 servers, because Windows 2003 does not support delayed startup for services. (On Server 2008 and Server 2012 services, the SMA service will install with startup type "Automatic - Delayed Startup" to try to avoid this problem.)

Less commonly, the problem can also happen on Server 2008 or Server 2012 servers. If you see this, it may be a sign that theserver is low on memory or processing power, resulting in slowness on startup which they delayed startup of SMA cannot compensate for.

(This issue should not happen in CCM 7.x, because the .Net Enterprise service will now only register with the SMA after it has completed its startup cycle.)


To immediately resolve the problem, you can follow the steps below.

Alternatively, if you are not seeing the Contact Center Client display greying out, you can observe the Enterprise log for a couple of minutes to establish that the Enterprise service is stable, and, if it is (i.e. if you do not see the line "****STARTING" at any point, indicating a service restart), you can just stop both the Collector and Mitai Proxy services; and then start the Collector, then the Mitai Proxy. (This will be slightly quicker.)

1. Go to Start > Run and type services.msc . Press Enter.

2. Stop all of the following prairieFyre services: 

    - .Net Enterprise 
    - Config 
    - Collector 
    - Mitai Proxy

3. Start the prairieFyre .Net Enterprise service.

4. Wait 60-180 seconds (those with slower servers should wait longer).

5. Start the following prairieFyre services, in the order listed below: 

    - Config 
    - Collector 
    - Mitai Proxy

The system should now be stable.  If it is not, please contact CCM support.


CCM 6.x


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Posted Friday, April 24, 2015 by cdoyle