IVR - Importing the sample PCI Compliant workflow becomes blank when reloaded

Article ID: 52279 - Last Review: May 11, 2015


After importing the Sample Workflow for PCI Compliant Systems, correcting all validation errors, and saving you reload the page or close YSE and re-launch.  The workflow is now displaying as blank. 


YSE logs the following error:

Error: 2015-Feb-25 09:38:17.902   XAML's Broke: Unable to serialize type 'prairieFyre.CustomControls.ValidationError'.  Verify that the type is public and either has a default constructor or an instance descriptor. ()


Validation was missing on a necessary component, resulting in an invalid business object. 


This issue is resolved in MiCC Version

If you haver an earlier version of MiCC, you can work around the problem by doing the following:

  1. Import PCI Compliance Workflow as normal.
  2. Resolve Validation Errors and Configure the workflow as normal.
  3. Do not check Validate Workflow on the Canvas - this property should be unchecked/FALSE.
  4. Save the Workflow.
  5. Close the Workflow's Tab.
  6. Open the general Workflow Tab (the one that shows a list of all workflows up top, and details of the selected one below)
  7. Select the Imported Workflow from the list and using the designer docked inside the Tab on the right, set Validate Workflow to checked/TRUE and save it.


MiCC 7.1.X.X 

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Posted Monday, May 11, 2015 by AndrewM