MiCC for Lync: New Employees do not show up in the "Available Members" column for an Agent Group.

Article ID: 52288  - Last Review: September 18, 2015


On an MiCC for Lync 5.10.x system, new ACD-enabled Employees do not show up in the "Available Members" column for an Agent Group, even after refreshing, or closing and reopening the tab. Frequently, the employee will show in the Available Members column for some groups, but not others. The employee is enabled for ACD (in YSE > Employees).


If you scroll down to see the very bottom of the Agents Available column for an affected Agent Group, you will notice it will say something like "Displaying agents 1 - 99 out of 108. Page 1 of 1."

The new employee is on a Page 2 that you cannot select.


To work around the problem:1. In YSE > Agent Groups, move any employee from the Available column to the Members column. You don't need to save. Scroll to the bottom of the Available column - an option to go to Page 2 of the Available Members will now be visible. Your missing member is on that page.3. Add the desired agent, and then remove the agent you put in in Step 1.4. Save.


This problem has been identified as a bug in MiCC for Lync 5.10.0 to 5.10.7. A fix has been included in 5.10.8, due for release in summer 2015. (The bug number is 246857.)


MiCC for Lync 5.10.0 through 5.10.7

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Posted Thursday, May 28, 2015 by cdoyle