Agent Group Presence changes not displaying in Contact Center Client

Article ID: 52289 - Last Review: May 25, 2015


After a supervisor changes an agent's Group Presence settings using the right-click menu in an Agent State monitor, they open the Join/Leave Group screen again and the changes are not reflected. 


No error message is thrown, but the change is not reflected if you re-open the Join/Leave Group window. 


There is a manual configuration to automatically query group presence after a command is issued.  To implement this:

1. On the MiCC server go to [InstallDir]\CCM\Services\ConfigService\ .
2. Open the GlobalAppSettingsEditor.exe .
3. Fill in the following information:
  • Application: (leave this blank)
  • SectionGroup: appSettings
  • Name: QueryPresenceAfterCommand
  • Value: True
  • Description: (you may enter anything you like here)
NOTE: You must enter something in the Description cell in order to save.
4. Click Save. It may take 30 to 60 seconds to complete the save.  Please wait for the confirmation window.
5. Go to the Services control panel.
6. Restart the prairieFyre Collector Service (v5).


MiCC and newer 

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Posted Friday, May 29, 2015 by AndrewM