7.X - Agent Shift monitor does not accurately reflect the number of ACD emails handled.

Article ID: 52294 - Last Review: June 15, 2015


The Agent Shift monitor has a column named ACD Count.  In environments using email or multiple simultaneous chats, the ACD count does not accurately reflect the number of ACD contacts the agent has taken.

The Agent Shift monitor is intended to monitor schedule adherence, and not performance statistics.  As such the ACD Count column actually references how many times the agent displayed an ACD state in real-time.  Since they can take multiple emails or chats simultaneously, the real-time status is an overriding state.  As such, if an agent has one mail in ACD state and one Ringing in their inbox, this monitor displays that as a ringing state (and thus the ACD count does not increment).

For actual counts of items handled, a QueueNow monitor is the preferred method.


MCC Version 7.X 

Keywords: agent shift overriding state acd count

Posted Monday, June 15, 2015 by AndrewM