How to Clear All Current Callback Requests (using SQL)

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You have a lot of callback requests, and you would like to clear them all. Right-clicking each one in the Contact Center Client Callback Monitor would take a long time.


NOTE:  There is no 'save' prompt in SQL, nor any Undo function.  We recommend taking a backup via the Contact Center Client before making any changes in SQL.

1. First, open ContactCenterClient and go to Tools > Management > Configuration and create a backup of your current configuration.

2. Verify that SQL Server Management Studio is installed. 

You should see the shortcut under Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server > SQL Server Management Studio, as shows below.

If you do not see SQL Management Studio, please check which version of SQL you have, and please download and install the appropriate version from Management Studio from Microsoft. You can easily find the appropriate download by Googling "SQL Management Studio 20__" (where 20__ is your version of SQL).

3. Open SQL Management Studio and connect to the SQL instance for your CCM installation (generally, this will happen automatically; if it does not, you can find the instance name and credentials [if needed] in the Registry, under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > wow6432Node > prairieFyre software inc > CCM > Enterprise - Connection String; be careful not to modify this value).

4. In SQL Management Studio, click on the New Query button at the top, near the left side.

5. In the new query, copy in the following text:

use CCMData

DELETE FROM tblAction_VWM_CallbackRequest

5. Click Execute button at the top.

This will clear all callback requests.


CCM all versions.

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Posted Thursday, June 25, 2015 by cdoyle