MiCC for Lync 5.10.8 - Agents are offered multiple calls at the same time; problem is very frequent (many times a day, for many agents)

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On a 5.10.8 site, agents are seeing multiple calls offered to them simultaneously.  The calls will be ringing at the same time.  

This will happen very frequently, many times a day, to multiple different agents. 


Similar symptoms (multiple calls being offered to an agent at the same time) may present themselves in 5.10.6 and 5.10.7, but in these releases, they are due a different root cause (either bug tfs-268532, resolved in 5.10.9, or bug TFS-253718, resolved in 5.10.8).  

This solution - a configuration change - is ONLY applicable to 5.10.8.


In 5.10.8, even with this configuration change, bug tfs-268532 may still cause OCCASIONAL cases of multiple calls offered to the same agent at the same time; but the frequency of this occurring should be drastically lessened by this configuration change - one or two occurrences per week, versus dozens of occurrences per day.


In 5.10.8, a configuration setting called "CheckPhoneStatePresenceForAvailability" was added to the Enterprise Router config file, with a default value of "False".  In some topologies, this can cause this issue.


On the computer where the Enteprise Router is running (usually, the Router is collocated on the MiCC server, but it can  be on a separate server on high-volume sites):

1.  Go to C:\Program Files\prairieFyre software inc\CCM\Services\RouterService  (NOTE:  Program Files, not "Program Files (x86)" ) 

2.  Locate OrandaRouterService.exe.CONFIG;  right-click this file, and choose "Open with" > Notepad.   (Alternatively:  Open Notepad, and drag that file into the Notepad window. )

3.  Search for the string  CheckPhoneStatePresenceForAvailability    .  

     Change the value for this setting from  False  to  True.  

     It should look like this:

      <setting name="CheckPhoneStatePresenceForAvailability" serializeAs="String">



3.  Save, and close Notepad.

4.  After hours, restart the prairieFyre Enterprise Router service.  (It is wait until after hours, because restarting during the day will drop all calls in queue, and will cause irregularities in ACD Event reports for the day.)

Workaround until the Enterprise Router service can be restarted:

Agents who are offered two ringing calls simultaneously should answer one, and click "Ignore" on the other.  The ignored call will be placed back at the front of the queue.

If an agent gets two calls, and then just lets the second one ring until it goes away, the call will still requeue, but the agent may find that they get stuck in a state where they cannot take calls.  If this happens, please use the RESETAGENTSTATE command to reset their state, as described in this KB:  http://micc.mitel.com/kb/KnowledgebaseArticle52272.aspx 


MiCC for Lync 5.10.8 ONLY

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Posted Friday, September 11, 2015 by cdoyle