ALM0146 - Update validation mismatch detected

Article ID: 52342 - Last Review: October 6, 2015


In Version 8.0, the MiCC Setup Deployment on the Enterprise Server hashes the .ZIP files that will be downloaded by client machines and stores that value in each associated update manifest file.  This mechanism is used in order to validate the integrity of a file transfer before deploying it on client and remote servers.  If either the value in the manifest file or the contents of the zip file have been modified, a mismatch will be detected upon the update download, the zip will be deleted, and the update will be re-downloaded again at the next update interval (Default 10 minutes).

This alarm will fire during the nightly maintenance run if a mismatch is detected.





Updates will continuously be re-downloaded on all clients and remote machines until the mismatch is resolved. 


Re-run the redistribution packager application on the MiCC server.  The executable is:  [InstallDir]\prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\PFInstaller\MiCC.RedistPacker.exe for pre-MiCC 8.x OR [InstallDir]\Mitel\MiContact Center\PFInstaller\MiCC.RedistPacker.exe for post-MiCC 8.x


MiCC Version 8.0 and newer 

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Posted Tuesday, October 06, 2015 by AndrewM