Unable to perform a Telephone System Synchronization after upgrading the software on your MiVoice Business (MCD)

Article ID: 52361 - Last Review: October 22, 2015


After upgrading your MiVoice Business (MCD) you find that Telephone System Synchronization is failing in YourSite Explorer.



The MiXML service used to coordinate Telephone System Synchronization can not determine that the MiVB has been updated without a restart. 


1. Go to the Control Panel.
2. Open the MiXML control panel.
3. Stop the MiXML service.
4. Start the MiXML service.
5. Open the Services control panel (services.msc).
6. If the prairieFyre Data Synchronization Service is running, stop it.
7. Re-launch YourSite Explorer and perform a Telephone System Synchronization.


MiCC all versions 

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Posted Thursday, October 22, 2015 by AndrewM