HowTo - Change client ports for Automatic Speech Recognition and Text-To-Speech

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The client ports used for ASR and TTS are configured by default.  You should only need to change these configured ports if you have specific security or networking needs.

By default we assign the following ports:

  • RoutingInboundService: 5090
  • RoutingOutboundService: 5091
  • RoutingUPiQService: 5092



In order to change these ports you will need to change the .CONFIG file for each of the three services.

NOTE: The ports must remain unique.  You cannot use the same port for multiple services. 

1. Go to the service directory:
  • [InstallDir]\Services\RoutingInboundService\
  • [InstallDir]\Services\RoutingOutboundService\
  • [InstallDir]\Services\RoutingUPiQService\
2. Open the .CONFIG file for the service in an editor such as Notepad:
  • RoutingInboundService.exe.config
  • RoutingOutboundService.exe.config
  • RoutingUPiQService.exe.config
3. Find the line <setting name="MrcpClientSipPort" serializeAs="String">.
4. Below in the <value>####</value> enter the IP port desired in place of the ####.
5. Save the .CONFIG file
6. Repeat for each service you need to configure.


MiCC Version 8.0 and newer 

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Posted Monday, October 26, 2015 by AndrewM