Manual configuration change to a MiContact Center service does not take effect without service restart.

Article ID: 52400 - Last Review: December 22, 2015


When making a manual configuration change to a MiContact Center service configuration file (eg: 7.Services.EnterpriseServer.exe.config) you save the file, but the service does not register the change.


1. The configuration file did save correctly.
2. The log file for the service may show:  Exception occurred attempting to refresh app.config settings.  New changes may not be reflected.


This can happen intermittently due to file access errors.  If you encounter this issue there are two possible workarounds. 

1. Simply save any change to the config file again.
2. Restart the associated service


MiCC 8.0 and newer 

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Posted Tuesday, December 22, 2015 by AndrewMontpetit